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Photo-Realistic Rendering – KP Architecture

Photo-Realistic Rendering

Your blueprints come to life with dimension, color, and finishing touches.


Here, blueprints take on color and dimensions with real life additions like landscaping and furniture to create visualizations that go beyond a traditional architecture experience. This can be an addition for clients going through the design phase with our firm or an option for someone else looking to outsource this as their own addition.

Exterior Elevations

Your blueprints are transformed into a photo of your home as if taken from the edge of the front lawn. Multiple images can be produced from different angles, or a short video can also be created to provide a full view of all sides.

2D Color Floor Plans

We take standard blueprint floor plans and turn them into an easier visualized layout of your home. This will typically include furniture and flooring details to further portray the design of the home.

3D Floor Plan + Eye-Level Interiors

An extension of the 2D, our design team can bring your floorplans off the page for a more immersive experience. Whether you want to get a feel for the space or better understand the interior design spaces, our firm can create images to aid your project.

3D Exterior Elevation with 360 Degree View

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