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Home Remodelling – KP Architecture

Home Remodeling

Much like designing a home, remodeling is a personal process that can be stressful as you seek to customize your existing spaces. It is important to have a designer you feel comfortable working with and sharing information about what you want in your space. All of this starts with a conversation where that relationship will have a chance to take hold and the project starts taking shape. From here, our designers will map out the existing space and discuss your wants and potential solutions. A preliminary design set of plans will be provided, then you and the designer will begin the process of adjusting it until everything is just right. At this stage, we can also produce 3D imagery of the post-remodel concept for you to better understand the new spaces and be sure of your design choices. Once you are satisfied, your designer will then finalize the plans for construction and push them to your contractor for bidding and permitting. 


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