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Commercial – KP Architecture


Commercial Buildings and Unit Buildouts

We specialize in commercial projects, both full building designs and unit buildouts to fit the needs of your new or existing business.

Our design team will create the buildout designs to match the needs of your business inside of your existing commercial space. We have also designed full business complexes. Regardless of your situation, our designers will take the time to understand the needs of your business endeavors and tailor a building or space remodel to best meet those needs.

Commercial Stacking Plans / As-Builts

What are stacking/as-built plans?

Stacking or As-Built plans are effectively a set of blueprints that are created to show the existing structure and floor plan layout.

What is the point of having these done?

Within the outer shell of commercial rented spaces, tenants are frequently changing build outs within the units to meet the needs of their individual enterprise. While it is a needed option for the tenant, the frequent layout changes can create confusion for the building manager when trying to re-market a newly vacated space, due to the uncertainty of what is inside.


By having KPA provide stacking / as-built plans you can rest assured that you will not only receive an accurate set of drawings but also have us to rely on in the future for any buildout changes or permitting plan sets needed.

Why are these useful?

The uses include aiding the management company by having up to date layout and tenant information, posting mandated fire-escape plans and marketing purposes. It sounds simple enough but can become tedious in the commercial world where the needs and uses for space are constantly changing.

Would I need to have these re-done every time a tenant vacates a space?

Only if the floor plan layout is changing.  In the case of a new tenant occupying a space that fits their needs, our PDF plans give the management company the ability to edit the text and update the information without getting us involved.

How it works?

First, drafters will move through the space to take measurements that will be drawn into an AutoCAD program. PDFs of the drawings will be sent back to the managers / owners who will be invited to request alterations. Some clients have wanted one sheet for the whole building and a separate one for each unit, square footage listed a certain way, or other notes added that will make it easier for them to reference.


Once you are satisfied with the plan format, you will be provided with a final set of plans in a PDF format and the option to receive the electronic file that you edit yourself, or to have our drafters update the plans for you on an as-needed basis.


We can further design build out plans for new tenants. This would cut out the middleman of an external architecture firm as we would design the space to meet the tenant’s needs and simultaneously provide the building managers with the updated changes and a permit ready construction set of plans.

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